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The Paleo Diet & CBD

There is supporting research showing our Paleo ancestors (also known as cavemen) consumed cannabinoids found in hemp – including CBD – to help keep their bodies in balance.

This is relevant as more people begin to use CBD for its medical and therapeutic benefits.   CBD works with our Endocannabinoid System  to keep our minds, organs, and body functions running efficiently. Evidence suggests that our Paleo predecessors did in fact seek cannabinoids out in order to keep the ECS in balance.

If you are looking to enhance your healthy lifestyle even more, incorporating CBD into your Paleo-driven meals can be a great way to take your health to unknown heights.

This post takes a look at the parallel between CBD and the Paleo diet, and answers these key questions:

  • What is the Paleo diet, and why do people love it?
  • How does the Paleo lifestyle relate to CBD?
  • Why should I incorporate CBD into my life, Paleo or not?

CBD, or cannabidiol,   is the new and exciting health supplement for wellness fanatics. Research has indicated that CBD can help with anxiety, inflammation, appetite, sleep, and much more.

Now, we are finding out how CBD can improve your Paleo lifestyle. CBD has shown to give people more energy, improve fitness performance, and help you stay consistent with your day-to-day Paleo diet.

What is the Paleo Diet, and Why Do People Love It?

The Paleo diet, derived from the Paleolithic era of living, is based on the caveman principle of, “If cavemen didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t eat it.”

Paleo is derived from anything “whole.” Think fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and grains. Paleo also honors the ingredients our ancestors found and used in nature, like honey and maple syrup. These natural sugars are much different when compared to the refined sugars that we consume today.

The Paleo diet embraces foods that would have only been available to people during Paleolithic times. Any food item that can be hunted or gathered is up for grabs for those looking to adopt the Paleo diet.

To be clear, people looking to sculpt their diet as Paleo friendly and Paleo only, should do so around nuts, seeds, meats, fish and leafy greens. This means that no processed foods are to be consumed.

Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet and PhD, professor of health and exercise science at Colorado State University, states that “By following these nutritional guidelines, we put our diet more in line with the evolutionary pressures that shaped our current genetics, which positively influences health and wellbeing,” on behalf of the Paleo Diet.

So, What Does CBD Have to Do With the Paleo Diet?

As it turns out, CBD and Paleo are old friends with a lot in common, making them the perfect pair. Paleo comes from whole food, while CBD comes from a whole plant. The theory is the two work in tandem to support your healthy choices as they take turns complementing one another.

What a lovely friendship!

The history of the cannabis plant spans way back to the Paleolithic era, approxiamtely 10,000 years ago. Although the uses of the cannabis plant have changed and evolved over time, the fiber and flower buds from the plant have always offered therapeutic benefits to cavemen and modern man alike.

Combining CBD with your all-natural Paleo dishes stems from the motivation to pave our pathway to health through nature. When you supercharge Paleo foods (say, fresh berries and coconut) with CBD, the result is improved body care, faster physical recovery, and a stronger immune system due to a buildup of natural remedies.

Most people try a Paleo diet out with the common goal of losing weight. As we all know, when we combine a healthy diet with exercise, we see the results we want. Staying energized is a huge part of keeping both our mind and body in tip top shape as we continue our optimal wellness adventure, which is where CBD comes into play – helping us stay energized, focused and motivated through the process.

Food is medicine. Food is energy. Food is fuel. This is the way those leading a Paleo lifestyle view eating. The Paleo Diet (a modern and healthy routine) and CBD (an ancient plant derivative) are natural partners.

The desire to simplify our lives, many would argue, begins with simplifying our diets, meaning cutting out all foods that are processed and obviously not good for our bodies, which in turn, includes supplementing with CBD, a natural compound found in nature thanks to our cave people’s instinctive disposition to keep their ECS in balance by way of external cannabinoids.

Paleo enthusiasts strive for happy taste buds, healthy bodies and healing benefits – a lifestyle that so perfectly matches with the effects we see with CBD.


  • CBD can be a great supplement to combine with your Paleo diet.
  • Research and history indicates that our ancestors consumed cannabinoids in the hemp plant for health benefits.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce the “high” that is associated with the consumption of cannabis.
  • The Paleo diet is based on the principle that if “cavemen didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t.”

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